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Everything you need to know about residential solar, federal and state tax incentive updates as a Suntuity customer.


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Why do I need a Permit Update?

A permit update is needed when an install has changed from the original plans. Without the permit update approved by the AHJ (Authority Having Jurisdiction), the AHJ has the authority to fail the final inspections. Permit updates can take up to a few weeks to be approved.


Why do we need access to the inside of my house for the Site Survey?

We need to access the inside of your home in order to evaluate attic access, main service panel, and the area around your main service panel. The electrical install is mainly completed in the MSP (Main Service Panel). We search to find the possibility of a conduit being run in the attic.


Why does the design look different from my initial visit with the sales rep?

The design's look is subject to change based on the site survey findings. A shade study is also performed at the home, which may influence the designs final look.


Why did I receive an email about changes to my contract?

Changes may occur at any time an item changes on the original contract. This can include panel size changes, system increases/decreases, and/or any additional work that would need to be completed that includes a cost (i.e. re-roofing).


Why can't we start the roof replacement right away?

We cannot begin executing roof replacements right away due to location. Certain areas required us to file a separate permit. Moreover, all materials must be ordered. We must wait for the utility company to approve your solar application.


I already had the install done on my home, why do we need another appointment? (install rectification)

Return visits are a normal procedure that helps us decide if any additional work on the install needs to be completed in order to be sure that it aligns with the designs approved by our engineers.


Why am I getting invoices from my Utility company?

You may receive an invoice from your utility company because your utility is solely electronic. When you apply for interconnection, there is a fee. The fee is typically sent to the homeowner on the bill, but do not worry! Suntuity is responsible for the fee.


Why do I have to sign an Interconnection form from my electric company?

You need to sign an Interconnection form from your electric company because the application is directed to the person who is on the utility bill. This impacts the way you receive your power from your utility.


What is a Trec? How do I set it up?

Trec is a credit funded by NJ Clean Energy (State of New Jersey), which credits you for the amount of kWh (kilowatt-hour) your solar system produces monthly.

Set up is completed on You will need access to your design information, first meter read on your new meter, and the date the system was turned on. Suntuity will be able to provide you with an email containing the information.


I was told I can write off the solar panels on my taxes, how do I do that?

You can do this by bringing your contract to your accountant. They will have the energy credits form dispersed by the IRS. As an alternative, you may also download the Energy Credits form and use your contract to answer the questions online.


Why am I getting a bill from my electric company? My system was just turned on.

Once your system is turned on, it is best to wait up to a month, as your utility bill may be a month behind depending on the day you were activated. The system is activating and will need time to begin producing at full capacity.


How can I monitor my solar panels?

You can monitor your system on the Enlighten app or website. Sunnova also provides their own portal for assistance.


Why was I told this would only take 30 days and now were 5 months in?

Unfortunately, solar projects can take as long as 3 to 6 months to be completed. This all depends on the area you reside in. Moreover, Covid-19 has slowed the process of many of the steps in solar projects with AHJ’s and utility companies.


Why must I reach out to the financier if Suntuity installed my system?

Sunnova holds the warranty for the solar panels and your roof. The financier must be notified when something goes wrong. They create a work order and assign it to a contractor of their choice.


Why did my roof pass the site survey and then I get told I need to replace my roof?

After the site survey is completed, our engineers will inspect the condition of the roof. They then will deem the condition based on the images provided. This is done to ensure that the roof is inspected twice to verify it can withstand the weight of the panels.


Why the change in system size?

System sizes are subject to change due to a site restriction, change in panel size (higher wattage equals less panels), or if the production will overproduce based on the utility company and usage given at the time of the sale.


Why did my payment go up?

Payments are subject to change if additional work is required. The price of this work is rolled into your monthly payments.


Why isn't my system live if these panels have been installed for months?

Your panels cannot be turned on without the utility company’s approval. We work with the towns and utilities to receive approvals as quickly as possible.


What approvals do we need?

Approvals required in each state vary. However, according to the practice standards, in order to install and activate the solar system, we need to receive approval from the state, Utility company, and the permit with the local AHJ (town/city/county).

The permit from the town may take 30-45 days for approval. The permit from the state/utility may take about 2-3 weeks for approval.

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