Earn $1500 For Every Suntuity Partner Referral

Suntuity's Partner Referral Program

Access Emails, Brochures, Doorhangers and More

Suntuity's Partner Referral Program

Get Notifications, Referral Status and Payouts

Suntuity's Partner Referral Program


Join the Suntuity Solar Partner Program and Start Earning Today

By joining the Suntuity Solar Partner Program you can offer your customers the opportunity to save thousands of dollars on their energy bills while creating an additional profit center for your business. Suntuity will pay you $1500 for every customer you refer that completes a solar installation. It's really that easy.

All you have to do is share your Referral Tracking URL by email, social media or text. We do all the rest and it literally takes 1 minute, so get started by follow the steps below:

How does this program work?

  • Complete the referral registration form
  • Receive email with your personalized tracking link
  • Submit referrals using your link
  • Share your link via website, email, social media or text
  • Get $500 for each customer referral that completes a solar installation

Joining is Quick and Simple

Please complete the partner registration information below.

Our Solar Referral Program Provides Easy-to-Use Tools to Help You Succeed

Once enrolled, we will send you a Unique Referral Tracking Link to submit referrals as well as credentials to access Suntuity's Tracking Dashboard. The Tracking Dashboard is a transparent, easy-to-use portal that lets you upload and track referrals from beginning to end. You can also access custom branded marketing materials available to help you promote your referral efforts.

To maximize your reach you should share your Unique Referral Tracking Link via website, email, social media or text. It literally takes 1 minute to register, so get started by completing the registration form today.

The Account Dashboard Provides

  • Access to Marketing Materials and Current Promotions
  • Project Status Tracking of Your Referrals
  • Project Payout Information for Your Referrals
  • Automated Notifications of Referral Projects
  • Personal Information & Communication Management

Now is The Time to Register!

With new residential solar tax credits reaching all-time highs, roofing contractors are well-positioned to offer solar solutions to customers that have recently replaced or repaired their roof.

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